Vertical Magic:
The best vertical tanning system in the Beach is here! Tan in just 3 visits! Only 3 - 4 sessions per month to maintain! One of a kind! Only 4 in all of North America! After all, you are special and only deserve the very best!

The Saturn:
The Saturn offers the same great results as the rest of our line up of very special equipment, but in a totally non claustrophobic very airy and open, vertical format. Fast 10 minute sessions are guaranteed to impress. In this unit we also use a very special hand made lamp imported from Germany for even better results.

Traditional Sunsport

Traditional Sunsport:
The traditional SunSport offers a very comfortable oversized mattress, a great cooling system and of course fantastic results. Even though this is an older bed there will always be at least one at each location. It has a long term following of regular users who won’t use anything else. Need we say any more?

Sunsport Platinum

Sunsport Platinum:
A totally advanced version of the traditional SunSport that adds bells and whistles to your 24 minutes of escapism and relaxation. The bed is totally adjustable, so if you want a little less or just starting off you can turn it down, just like a giant dimmer switch. But the most talked about feature on this bed is the massaging mattress. It works great, and it offers a variety of different settings thru a hand held control.

The Magic

The Magic and Chronos:
Think of two very high-end Italian sports cars, and then, apply that concept to tanning beds. Then visit the salon and listen to the heated discussions as to wich is better (about 50/50).Here are your instructions. Look at the pictures again, call us for an appointment and get ready to brag to all of your friends. Just three to four 12-13 minute sessions and you will be impressed. And your friends will be jealous. Unless they tan with us already! 

The Chronos
Traditional Equipment

Traditional Equipment:
We specialize in the high efficiency and unique sun tanning systems featured above, but we also offer extremely high-quality traditional beds and verticals at very competitive prices. Drop by and see why we’re one of the finest tanning centers in Canada.

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